Conveyancing is the legal process whereby ownership of immovable property is transferred from one party to another. Each time a property is sold, a new deed of transfer must be drawn up and registered. This is to ensure the security and certainty of an owner’s title to their property. Conveyancing also involves various other acts such as the registration of a bond or a real right over their property.

Your home is usually the biggest and most valuable asset you will own. Therefore it is appropriate that a specialist should deal with any aspect of your rights to land, whether it is about the ownership, use, transfer or any other aspect relating to land. This is also why all transactions relating to land must be recorded in writing, registered and stored at the relevant branch of the South African Deeds Office around the country.

At Arthur Channon Incorporated Attorneys, we assist our clients in matters related to the development and registration of real estate.

Services include the following:

  • Property transfers
  • Bond registrations
  • Bond cancellations
  • Property and township developments
  • All aspects related to and/or incumbent in property law