The Republic of South Africa has extensive statutory provisions relating to our labour laws. With the appropriate direction and advice, we can ensure that any process that needs to be implemented is reasonable and fair.

Labour services we offer:


    • Conciliations;
    • Arbitrations;
    • Rescission Applications;
    • Certification of Arbitration Awards;
    • Rule 25 Applications at the CCMA.

2. Disciplinary Hearings:

    • Providing recommendations;
    • Acting on behalf of the employer;
    • Acting on behalf of employees.

3. Drafting of labour relating notices and contracts:

    • Permanent employment contract;
    • Fixed Term Contracts;
    • Notice of Suspension.
    • Mutual separation Agreements;
    • Written and/or final warnings;
    • Notice to Attend disciplinary hearings.

4. Retrenchments:

    • Consultation on retrenchments;
    • Assistance and drafting of Notices;
    • Assisting in the retrenchment process.
    • Deceased estate retrenchments.

5. Labour Court:* With the assistance of Counsel

    • Assistance with Review Applications;
    • Assistance with Statements of Case;
    • Assisting in the retrenchment process.
    • General advice relating to litigious Labour Court matters.