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Scenario 1:
How to ensure your child’s needs are protected after your passing?

Scenario 2:
Maintenance claim for your child on a deceased estate.

Scenario 3:
Buying a new home

Scenario 4:
Reporting an estate when Married in Community of Property

Scenario 5:
What if the person who passed did not have many assets?

Scenario 6:
What if you are the sole beneficiary but you are divorced?

Scenario 7:
Selling the property after your spouse has passed but the estate has not been settled yet.

Scenario 8:
Information about divorces
and what to do.

Scenario 9:
Amicable Divorce.

Scenario 10:
Opposed or unopposed divorce.

Scenario 11:
Having assets abroad.

Scenario 12:
South African family law.

Scenario 13:
Domestic violence claim.

Scenario 14:
Hiding assets scenario.

Scenario 15:
Domestic violence claim.

Scenario 16:
Transferring Assets into a Trust.